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Do you know an animal lover who you would like to buy a unique gift for?Star Bright Animal Rescue can help you out!We will send a card to the recipient of your choice, telling them that you made a donation in their name, and what it will be used for.$10 will give a dog preventative medicines for a month $25 will buy a set of vaccines for one of our rescue dogs $50 will feed a rescue dog for a month $100 will give complete care to a dog for one month while it waits for its forever home $200 will save a life

In addition, we thought it would be a nice idea to offer something that is for people who have recently lost a pet. The heart ache of losing a four legged friend can only be described as loosing a family member, and yet there is little available to show someone how much you care and feel for their loss.So we are starting a program called 'Honor Dogs'We pull dogs from the local animal control on a regular basis, We will name a dog in honor of the beneficiaries pet who passed, you can use the same name, or any other you choose, and this dog will be called an Honor dog. We will send them a card, and if you provide an e mail we can even send them a picture. The donation for this is $50. 

Donations can be made via Paypal, via the 'donate' tab at the side of this page. Once you have entered the amount there is a section for adding special instructions for recipient,  for a donation gift please write 'donation gift' and the name and address of the person you would like the card sent to.For an honor dog please write 'honor dog' and the name for the honor dog, and include the name address and e mail for the recipient.

You can also e mail for help with any of this