How are we different?

HOW DO WE DIFFER FROM MOST RESCUE GROUPS? (1) We are licensed in the sending state (GA) and we are licensed in ME. Because we utilize foster homes in Georgia and New England, we can track and document the quarantine and health history from the 2-3 week period the puppies spend in GA, to the transport and arrival in New England. We are licensed under the Dpt. of Ag (DOA) in Georgia and comply with health regulations in this state and are inspected on a quarterly basis. (2). We utilize the services of a USDA licensed transporter that requires puppies be at least 8 weeks of age, have a minimum of two distemper/parvo vaccines, a bordatella vaccine, other age appropriate medical care, have been quarantined from a shelter a minimum of 14 days, and pass and receive a Health Certificate by a licensed veterinarian .... all of this before they leave Georgia. Each puppy or dog travels in its own crate.In contrast, many puppies from the south are shipped by the dozens to New England shelters and rescues by non-licensed transporters, and many are given their first vaccines on the day of transport. Many of these puppies have come straight out of an animal control facility and bounced from rescue to vet to transport in a matter of days. These animals have not completed required quarantine periods (14 days for puppies, 10 days for adults). It is common for groups to send puppies with more than two or three pups/crate to save on shipping costs; and health certificates may or may not have been issued. Unfortunately, the resulting accidents or illnesses arising from these practices have given all responsible rescuers and transporters a bad reputation .... . (3) Finally, if any of our puppies still have a surviving mother, we always take her into rescue as well. We detest the practice of rescues taking the babies but leaving their mothers behind to face euthanasia at the shelters they come from. Always ask your rescue or shelter about your puppy's mother - a responsible group will give you a responsible answer. (Also, we never euthanize a dog because it is heartworm positive, has the mange, parvo, has an injury or any other treatable condition. This runs our bills pretty high, and as a result, WE RELY ON THE GENEROUS DONATIONS of animal lovers! WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SAVING PUPPIES and adults in an ethical manner, and although we cannot move very many at a time, we are committed to ensuring that all health protocols meet or exceed state and local laws. The time, love, and medical care given to our puppies and their safe transport to New England is reflected in adoption practices and fees. . . Please support your local shelters and animal control facilities first and then let us know if we can still help in your search for a new pet!!