What our adopters are saying

The adoption process was a breeze. It looks scary & intimidating at first, but Starbright made it beyond easy. The hardest part was deciding on what adorable little pup I wanted! "Applying" for Wally was so easy, we followed the link on the adoption site, filled out the application & sent it in. We got "preapproved" & just had to do a phone interview with Tina to confirm safety & scheduling for the new addition. And that was it! All that's left was to make the donation to Starbright via their website & paypal, and voila! We had a new baby on arrival. Starbright made it so beyond easy, painless & smooth, that I went back to her & adopted Wally's brother, Elliot, so he could arrive with Wally, and a few months later I adopted another pup. Tina kept in great contact day in & day out & sent pictures & updates until the day of transport, and still keeps in contact regarding their overall being. I couldn't thank her enough for making the scary adoption process so painless & easy!!

- M.H.  Mass

I couldn't be more thrilled with the whole adoption process provided by Starbright (Animal Rescue?)!  Tina kept in touch with us every step of the process sending updates, pictures and making phone calls telling us of our puppies progress.  I would highly recommend Starbright  because of their pledge to find a home for every animal.  They believe there is a home for every animal and every animal deserves a loving home!  Thank you Starbright for bring us together with our beloved "Tucker".  He is part of our family now.  We can't imagine life with out the love of our dog.
Plymouth, MA

--Adopting our Apollo was the worlds easiest decision. Although I have never been a dog owner before, I knew he would be perfect and fit into our family beautifully. I searched for weeks until I found him and starbright. Once I saw his smiling face sitting next to a football (bigger than his entire body), it was love at first sight and I knew he was coming home with us. 
The following few days were torture as we waited to be approved for adoption. Fortunately Sheri thought we would make wonderful pet parents and approved us quite quickly. I had so many questions about our boy and his health, the travel arrangements and more. Each question was answered kindly and lovingly. There was guidance the entire time. 
As I made my way to meet Apollo that night it was a match made in heaven. He arrived in a giant van with classical music and heat to keep he and his travel companions warm. Having him placed into my arms was one of the best moments in my life. The love at first sight online turned into true love instantly. 
Apollo has lived with us in Cape Cod and has since moved to Boston. He has learned to swim, love other people (and crowds and puppies). He is a member of our family and my husband and I couldn't be any more grateful to Starbright for rescuing him and helping us to bring him home. 
The process was so easy that I soon became a reference for Starbright and recommend them all the time to anyone who is looking for their furry companion.

- J.R. Boston MA---

I am writing to thank Tina Baker and Star Bright Pet adoption for connecting my husband and I with our 2 forever friends. The process was made so easy with Tina there the whole time answering any and all questions. My husband and I made a road trip, about 2400 miles, to pick them up. We just couldn't wait. What we saw when we got there was a loving, caring and dedicated Tina Baker and husband, who welcomed us in their home. Everyone was happy and so loved.It was so nice and reassuring to see that our 2 puppies had a happy and loving home before we adopted them. It made the adjustment into our home so easy. I would give Tina Baker and husband and Star Bright Pet adoption A+++/#1 in our book. Marie from Massachusetts

Dear Starbright,
Thank you for our wonderful puppy.  She is so sweet and just the cutest addition to our family.  Our entire family completely dotes on her!
The adoption process was also super easy through the use of PayPal.  Meeting the convoy and all the other adoptees was also a great experience.  I never expected to see so many families there.  One of the best memories of that night was the dogs being kissed by each of the staff members before being handed off to their new families-that really reminded me that the people working in this organization do it completely out of love and compassion.


The adoption process was easy, I liked that the rescue checked references. It was nice to know that they truly care about the dogs and want them placed in loving homes. Axl is the best pup and fits in perfect with our family! Thank you Star bright:)

C.L.  MA

When I saw Ozzy's sweet face on the Starbright site I knew I had to send an inquiry, even though I was a little worried about adopting a dog I hadn't met. I was amazed at how easy the process was. I sent the inquiry and within moments, I had an email from Ozzy's foster mom. We talked on the phone that same evening and it was a great chance to learn about the puppy. Tina seemed to know so much about him and was very detailed in the information she provided. We arranged a date for me to pick him up, not far from where I live. I sent payment and we had our new family member by that weekend. I really was nervous about the whole process, but it couldn't have been easier. Ozzy arrived well nourished, and well cared for and fit right into our family. He was just exactly as Tina described him - just the kind of dog that we were looking for. Tina continued to be available as any questions arose. The kids are already asking for a second pup and if we decide to get another, I know Starbright will be the first place I look. We couldn't be happier. 

Susan.  MA

Going through Star Bright Animal Rescue's adoption process was the best decision our family has ever made.  Our family adopted Tristan, now known as "Yogi Bear" into our family after the easy adoption process.  After an easy application process, and a few brief phone calls, Yogi became part of our family.  Because we are from MA and Yogi was coming from Georgia, we picked him up in CT, just a short drive from our house. Overall the process was quick and easy!

I would highly recommend Star Bright for anyone considering adopting! 

The dragons. M.A.

My wife and I adopted through Starbright, and we absolutely ADORE the little s*** they sent us.  When he's not busy entertaining the entire neighborhood by barking incessantly at nothing, he whiles away the day chewing up and destroying shoes, socks, window handles, toys, blankets, the other dog, the cats, and his personal favorite, toilet paper.  He has a keen eye for finding items that are expensive and irreplaceable, a talent we intend to leverage somehow.  He only occasionally poops on the floor, as his interests have shifted more toward projectile vomiting.  He responds well to commands, provided you repeat them 20 or 30 times while physically restraining him.  All in all, a wonderful experience which we wouldn't hesitate to repeat.
- TG, Quincy, MA

 My 9 year old son kept begging me to get a dog.  He wanted a playmate and knew a dog would make a great life long buddy.  We knew we wanted to adopt and help to provide a dog in a shelter with a forever home.  We started our search on-line and came across Starbright Animal Adoption.  I was a little nervous about the whole adoption process and the fact that our puppy would be coming from Georgia.  The Starbright team was very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. It couldn’t have been any easier; I have had more problems returning an item to Target.

Tuukka has now been with us for a year and he has enriched our lives in ways I can’t even verbalize.  Adoption is definitely the way to go and Starbright Animal Adoption is the organization to work with to provide you and your family with a loving and loyal companion.  I thank the Starbright team everyday when I see my son and his best friend playing ball in the yard.

E.W. Weymouth MA

We first set eyes on her via PetFinder. Her name was Sasha and she had the
most adorably expressive little face. We had been looking at adopting a dog
for a while, but she was the first one who really reached through the
screen and grabbed us by the heartstrings. We decided that she was the one
for us and started the process.

It seemed a little intimidating at first – the whole notion of arranging
for a dog to travel hundreds of miles just to come live with us. But once
we made our interest known, the folks at Starbright made everything easy.

We spoke on the phone with Tina, who was the foster mom to not just Sasha
but a whole gaggle of other wonderful dogs. She talked to us about some of
her charges, giving us fantastic descriptions that really captured each
puppy’s unique character. And when she described Sasha as sweet, goofy and
a little clumsy, we knew that she was the one for us.

After that conversation – and a reference check or two – Sasha was packed
onto a transport along with a score of her fellow pups and trucked up the
Eastern seaboard. We awaited her arrival in a darkened parking lot, hoping
that she would love us as much as we had already decided we loved her.

We stood with half-a-dozen other prospective puppy parents as the transport
pulled in, waiting patiently for our Sasha to be presented to us. And when
she came out that door…it was love at first sight. When she joined us,
Sasha became Stella – our big-eared, sweet-faced clumsy little oaf of a
dog. We’ve had her for a little over a year and we’ve been thankful for her
every single day.

My dad always says that a family isn’t a family without a dog. And thanks
to Star Bright, our little family is complete.