Thinking of fostering?

We are always looking for fosters in the central GA area, all our dogs must be kept inside a home, not in a yard. 

We can provide food if needed, we pay for all vetting, but we do require you to be able to take the dog to the 

vet appointments. Fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Please copy and paste the application and send it to:

Name _____________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
Tel numbers ________________________________________
E mail _____________________________________________
Do you have any children in the home?______________________
If so, how old are they?_________________________________
Do you own any pets yourself?___________________________
If so what type?______________________________________
Do they interact well with other dogs?______________________
Are they spayed/neutered?_____________________________
Have you ever fostered before?__________________________
Are you a registered foster with any other group or organization ?______
If so, who?______________________________________________
Why would you like to foster 
How long could you foster for?________________________________
Do you have a fenced back yard ?______________________________
What type of fence?________________________________________
And how high?____________________________________________
How do you plan to exercise the dog ?___________________________
How many hours will the dog be alone each day?___________________
Where will the dog be kept when alone?___________________________
Where will the dog be during the day?____________________________At night?________________________________________________
Do you have any preference what age/type of dog you foster?__________________________________________________________________
Whenever possible we try to keep young puppies in twos, if fostering puppies would you agree to take two?______________
Are you able to cover the cost of food or would you require help with 
Please provide 3 references that are not family members that we may contact for a personal reference.1___________________________

Foster agreement
As a foster you must agree to take the fostered animal to vet appointments in a timely manner when they become due or require medical attention. If you are unable to cover the costs of any veterinary care, a veterinary clinic will be agreed with you before your foster arrives, but all appointment s must be agreed with your foster coordinator prior to any visits except those in an emergency. In an emergency your coordinator should be contacted as soon as possible. You must agree to be solely responsible for the dog throughout the foster period. No boarding or leaving the dog in the care of anyone else is permitted.No shock collars, invisible fences, tie outs, chains, or dog runs are permitted. The foster must be kept on a leash at all times in public areas. The foster will remain the property of the rescue and will be surrendered on request immediately. 
All dogs are fully vetted, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and where age appropriate spayed/neutered. We will never place a dog in your care that has any known medical issues unless you are made aware and agree to take them prior to fostering. We will never place any dog with you that we know to have any behavioral issues, unless discussed and agreed to prior.If a situation should arrive where you can no longer foster a dog in your care, you must allow us reasonable time to find a new placement or collection of that dog. This could be up to 2 weeks.I agree to the terms stated above.........Signed ...........................